Catalysts For Good (CFG) supports social good and public purpose work in schools through resources and consulting. With twenty years as a professional in the fields of education, philanthropy and research, Luana Nissan founded CFG to spread the word of changemakers in education and to inspire colleagues working to help their schools further the social good through academics, co-curriculars and school culture.

CFG's Founder, Luana Nissan

Applied curiosity best explains how Luana approaches learning about social good and public purpose efforts in schools and sharing these lessons with others who seek to create or reimagine initiatives. 

Luana's passion for social good work and serving others grew from a life of professional, educational and personal experiences. Fifteen years of consulting for educational institutions were informed by experiences as a project director in K-12 independent schools, researcher at a university academic center and manager in customer service and sales. Similarly, Master's studies and professional development in education, nonprofits and philanthropy were fabulous learning experiences. Equally important to fueling her passion for the common good was a formative private, religious education and family life with an educator husband and children passionate about causes and civic engagement.