Follow these sources for news and inspiring stories about people and educators changing the world!


Follow the amazing stories in the SSIR magazine designed for "informing and inspiring leaders of social change". Learn about innovative approaches to address social issues in impactful, data-driven ways through social enterprise, nonprofit, business and government sectors.


Pick a topic that excites you and explore the many stories on Edutopia's site from classrooms and communities around the country -- community partnerships, environmental education, social and emotional learning, place-based learning, service learning, and more.


Be inspired and equipped by learning ideas of change agents around the world through TED and TEDx Talks, TED-Ed videos and TED's blog. Among public purpose themes to check out: Activism, Big Problems, Community, Global Issues, Philanthropy, Social Change, and issue themes like Poverty, Bullying and Climate Change.


Read current and past issues of Good  magazine covering news, politics and human interest stories. Explore the Good site's "Projects" on future thinking, stories of globalists, recycling guide, and more. Explore Infographics of data on an array of social topics.


Read Acumen's blog covering the inspiring social entrepreneurs and innovators it invests in around the world working to eliminate poverty and promote social change. Unlike traditional philanthropy, Acumen uses a social impact investing approach. 


Read the B the Change blog covering "people using business as a force for good". These stories highlight the work of "B corporations" a new classification of businesses that balance profit and purpose by meeting verifiable standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and legal accountability.