Learn basics and explore advanced ideas on an array of topics - public purpose, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, leadership, place-based education and more.

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PUBLIC PURPOSE (in Independent Schools)

"The Public Purpose of Private Schools"

In 2000, Lick-Wilmerding High School Head, Albert Adams articulated the budding conversation about the responsibility independent schools have to contribute to the betterment of their communities in this seminal article.

"Defining the Public Purpose of Independent Schools"

In this EdWeek article, writer Peter Gow shares a brief introduction to public purpose and what these activities encompass in independent schools. He also discusses the public's expectations of private schools to contribute to the common good, given their non-taxable status. 

"Public Purpose and the Mission of Independent Schools"

Heads of School Tom Little and Jim Scott share vignettes of several schools' public purpose commitments and activities in this 2008 Independent School magazine article.

"The Public Purpose Outlook 2013-14"

Learn about the most popular types of public purpose programming and most cited benefits from this Paul Miller article excerpted from the 2013-14 NAIS Trendbook

"Public Purpose at Independent Schools"

Read this brief article to learn a few takeaways from the 2013 NAIS Study on Public Purpose at Independent Schools by Amada Torres, Vice President for Research. NAIS member schools can access the full report on the NAIS site.

"Twenty-Five Factors Great Schools Have in Common"

Consider this 2013 list of characteristics of great schools shared by former NAIS President Patrick Bassett. Number 8? "Demonstrate the public purpose of private education..." (read for details)! 

Ideas for Social Change & Impact

"Creating Shared Value"

Buy the ground-breaking HBR article by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer about this core business strategy that creates economic value and societal benefit. This concept has been adopted by companies around the world. Watch the corresponding FSG video.   

"The Emerging Fourth Sector"

Read this in-depth summary about a sector emerging in the past decade with approaches blending the public (governmental), private (business) and social (nonprofit) sectors; by Heerad Sabeti of the Fourth Sector Network and supported by the Aspen Institute.

"Collective Impact"

Read this ground-breaking 2011 article by John Kania and Mark Kramer that shares a collaborative framework for social change involving partners from government agencies, nonprofits and business. Collective impact is being used to address the most challenging social problems today, like affecting cradle-to-college education or wellness in a city or region.

Social Enterprise & Corporate Social Responsibility

"The Meaning of 'Social Entrepreneurship'"

J. Gregory Dees pioneered the academic field of social entrepreneurship. Read his seminal 1998 article where he defines the term, distinguishes social enterprise from business, discusses social value missions, and shares characteristics of social entrepreneurs.