Check out these resources to inspire, learn, generate ideas, join networks, follow news, and help you consider strategies to support your public purpose work.

An Array of Tools



Learn basics and explore advanced ideas on an array of topics - public purpose, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, leadership, place-based education and more.



Be a lifelong learner and get inspired for social good work with the wisdom of thought leaders from many walks of life and so many fields of practice!

Groups & Events


Join or follow the many organizations or groups useful to social good and public purpose work and join like-minded colleagues for annual conferences or events. 

News Sources


In need of inspiring and uplifting news?  Check out stories of kindness and servant leadership... Innovation and disruption... Collaboration and civic engagement... Environmental action... Equity and justice... Interfaith initiatives

Conscious Consumerism


Help students learn that consumerism can be a powerful social tool if they shop what they value. Check out these stories about people who shop their values and businesses focused on the social good. 

Education Resources


Explore these educational sources - portals, guidebooks, lesson plans, and more - to help you teach and create learning experiences promoting the social good.